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My Teacher: How My Teacher Helped Me Through My Most Difficult Year

Teachers have a huge responsibility inside the classroom, they are tasked with helping to form the minds of students so they can be ready to face the world. But teachers can be more than just educators inside the classroom. They also have the potential to impact the lives of their students outside of schools. Even after students graduate and are leading their lives as adults, they can influence their students in surprising ways. They can play very positive role models for their students who are always in need of guidance.

My Teacher

Whenever I think of a teacher who had a real impact on my life, there is only one name that comes to mind and that is Mister Roberts. Mister  Roberts was our physics teacher during our senior year in high school. He was already an old man by the time that he taught us and was soon going to retire. Mister Roberts was a widower. His wife died  of cancer a few years ago before he started teaching us. They had a son who was killed in an accident while serving in the military. Mister Roberts was a small man and he seemed even smaller than his actual height because his back was hunched, probably because of old age and he walked in a slow way that seemed like he was shuffling along. In other words, Mister Roberts was a frail old little man who was so far from our world of student teenagers.

My classmates treated Mister Roberts rather badly. They made fun of him behind his back and sometimes to his face. I am ashamed to admit that I sometimes laughed at their jokes. While I never made fun of him myself, I would sometimes laugh at those who did. In my defence, I was just a teenager back then and I didn’t know any better, although there were students who did not join in when it comes to making fun of Mister Roberts and I commend them.

Mister Roberts knew that the students were making fun of him but that did not stop him. Though he was old and frail, his enthusiasm for teaching was unbounded and he tried to make his classes as lively as he can. He would give practical connections with what he was trying to teach so we can understand them better. He was a very good teacher and many of us learned a lot of Physics simply because of his teaching style.

How Mister Roberts Made an Impact in My Life

Mister Roberts didn’t change my life because of Physics. He changed it with the way that he reached out to me. During the last few months of my senior year, my mother got sick and my father left us. Life at home wasn’t really full of fun. In fact, it was depressing. I became discouraged and I wanted to drop out of school and just find some work in another city. I started to skip school to find whatever work I can to save enough money to move away.  

Then one day, when I went back to his class Mister Roberts welcomed me back. It wasn’t the sarcastic way that I expected from most teachers. It was like he was genuinely glad to see me. Then after class, he called me and asked me if everything was okay. It was like the floodgates opened up for me and I started to pour my heart out to him. I told him all about my problems and it was such a relief to finally be able to open to someone. But after that, he told me his story. How he lost his wife after a long sickness and how their only son was killed. He told me that it was important to find one’s duty in life and fight on to make the world a better place through that duty. Suddenly it all made sense to me how he was so cheerful even after what had happened to him. He was fulfilling his duty and making the world a better place in the best way he can. After that, I became really close with Mister Roberts and I genuinely cried when I graduated because I knew that I miss him. A few years after I graduated, he died and I was one of the many former students who attended his funeral. 


I have used Mister Roberts’s philosophy when living my life. As far as I can tell, it works. I have picked a path as my duty in life and I’m striving to make the world a better place in my own small way. This is why I believe that teachers can teach lessons not just inside the classroom.

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