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MSc in Environmental Engineering Scholarship 

Over the last few decades, the world has seen a rising concern about climate change and global warming. While many scholars focus on revitalizing the environment, I believe the solution to this demise lies in green technologies. Environmental engineers are concerned with striking an ecological balance and analyzing developmental issues to accomplish sustainable development. Awarding me this scholarship is a worthy investment because I will use my innovative ideas to solve environmental problems, climate change, and global warming challenges that pose significant threats to humanity today.  

I come from a humble background. My parents could not afford the best school for me, although I was a brilliant student. At high school, I joined the environment club and during my sophomore year, I was elected the club chairman. I led the members of the club in successful projects including filtering water from the kitchen and reusing it to water plants within the school compound. I also led the members of the club in the tree-nursery establishment within the school where we would donate seedlings to the neighboring communities encouraging them to nurture them and have as many trees as they could within their compounds. I received an award from the municipal council for leading the environmental club in educating the community about the importance of sorting the waste into biodegradable and non-biodegradable materials. While teaching the community, we emphasized the importance of having various bins for different kinds of wastes and how to dispose of the garbage. 

When I joined university, I wanted to study an environment-related course. Since a clean environment has always created a unique enthusiasm in me, I enrolled for a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering. While at the university, I discovered that my personal, educational and professional goals were all directed towards the environment. As an environmental engineering student, I believed in ecosystem sustainability and its practical application in solving climate change and global warming problems. The reality of ecological degradation came to reality when I learned from the news that during certain days, Chinese who live in Beijing are advised not to leave their houses because the air has been so polluted to the extent that inhaling it is health hazardous. It is during this moment that I started investigating how we can avoid other parts of the world from experiencing the same misfortune. 

The modern industrial economies rely significantly on fossil fuel energy, which is the primary cause of the environmental change crisis. If awarded this scholarship, I am hoping to base my master’s thesis on possible ways of replacing the existing fossil fuel energy with low-carbon green energy. I understand that alternative green energy can improve public health, minimize air and water pollution, and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. Therefore, I believe a master’s education will equip me with adequate skills, knowledge, and competencies that are relevant in improving green technologies and their application in society today. I hope that master’s level education will expound my knowledge on clear logic, environmental analysis, and practical applications that can help me accomplish my goals of living in a society where green energy constitutes the highest percentage of the energy generated. 

I have the passion and determination to pursue a master’s degree in environmental engineering. I believe I could be a role-player in saving society from the gruesome demise of climate change and global warming. All I need is this scholarship that can help me accomplish my personal, educational, and professional goals to become an environmentalist. The scholarship will help me concentrate more on learning and conducting my projects and focus less on my financial needs for a master’s degree in environmental engineering. I am confident that I have what it takes to accomplish my dreams and aspirations. Besides, a master’s degree will help me contribute actively to achieving a sustainable society. 

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